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Top 5 Motorcycle safety tips

Motorcycles are not as expensive as cars, but for many people, they are also considered a smart investment. And like cars, they also need to be properly maintained to last long. While mechanics are known to be the right people to approach regarding this matter, you as an owner can also help in extending the life of your very own motorbike and ensure your safety at the same time, and that is by doing a regular check-up before going out to the farm.

Doing routine motorbike check-ups before moving is not just helpful. It is easy to do too. Sure it won’t give you a headache. You just have to follow these tips below which are recommended by personal injury lawyers cairns:

Get a motorbike helmet.

The law requires you to have a helmet when riding a motorbike. This is for obvious reasons and cannot be avoided.

Check the engine oil level of your motorcycle.

It has to be at a proper level for the engine, the clutch, and other components to operate smoothly. So, begin by running your motorbike for a few minutes at an idle speed so that the oil filter will be filled with oil. Once you decide on stopping, wait for a few minutes until the oil settles and lift the dipstick to warm the level. If needed, add some more oil. This will not just increase the life of the engine; it will also keep you away from accidents at some point.

Check if the drive chain needs to be lubricated.

If the answer is yes, using light oil as a lubricant is advisable. The chain has to be properly lubricated so if you want a smooth ride, better do the checking before you head off.

Make sure that the lights, as well as the horn and other electrical components, are working properly even if you are already familiar with the route. Otherwise, your safety will be jeopardized.

Check and ensure that the handlebars are working properly.

Check for sufficient air pressure in the tires but at the same time, keep in mind that these tires should not be over or under inflated. Otherwise, handling will be a problem especially on your part as a driver. Also, see if there are cuts or objects stuck in the side of the tires and remove them.

Check the front and rear brakes, as well as the throttle, clutch, and other control buttons. Always remember that these things must be working properly or accidents might occur.



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