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Top 5 Common Injuries in the Workplace and Why They Usually Happen

Different types of injuries vary according to every workplace injuries. It goes to say that an engineer has a greater probability of experiencing electrical and falling object injuries compared to a policeman, who gets a higher risk of being shot or wounded when battling crimes in line with his work. Needless to say, there is also a list of the most common injuries that are generic to every working environment.

A List of the Most Common Injuries in the Workplace

1. Musculature injuries.

Overreaching and lifting objects can cause a blow to the joints that can tear or overstretch the ligaments, thereby, causing a sprain injury. On the other hand, a prolonged use of the muscles by staying in one position for a long time can cause the body to experience strains. The back, neck and ankles are the most common body areas affected by these injuries.

2. Trips and falls.

Slippery surfaces are common and the workplace is just one of these places where trips and falls are a usual occurrence. A wet floor can cause trips while faulty equipment (such as ladders and chairs) can bring about fall injuries. The seriousness of this kind of work-related accident depends on the severity of damage brought upon the employee.

3. Injuries from falling objects.

From minor items such as books and documents to major ones such as heavy machinery and scaffolding, injuries caused by falling objects require seriousness in dealing with company guidelines. A hard hat policy is highly required especially in construction sites and other workplaces where establishments are being renovated, built and erected.

4. Collisions.

Collisions especially the ones involving vehicles are very common in parking lots. Construction sites are also among the most common places where collisions can happen. Not mainly limited to vehicle use, an impact may also occur between employees especially when accidentally bumping into each other while working.

5. Cuts and tears.

A paper cut or a tear caused by not being careful when using sharp work equipment such as scissors, paper trimmers and cutters is also among the most common type of injury to ever take place at work. To avoid these kinds of accidents, employees are encouraged to exercise proper caution when handling different sharp items and machinery in the workplace.

Why Do Injuries Happen?

Injuries may happen due to a number of reasons. A company that fails to impose strict and proper guidelines among its employees run a risk of injury in the work environment. Also, the improper use of equipment and gears can cause mishaps to happen. In some cases, it may also be a cause of human error.

It is important for a company to make sure that its employees follow standard precautions set by the establishment. This not only secures the safety of the employees, but also protects the company from any possible lawsuits that can happen due to negligence.

In some instance when an organization is held liable during an accident in the workplace, a personal injury lawyer can act as the legal representative of an employee who wants to file a case on the administration. These kinds of lawyers exercise expertise in tort law which includes non-socioeconomic damages to the employee affected by such injury.

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