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Common Injuries in the Workplace

As a lawyer, I have seen a lifetime’s worth of injuries in the work place. Some people are able to recover with time and get back to work; others are not so fortunate. Some people may think it must be nice to get paid to relax at home while you can’t work. My response to that is ask the man unable to walk right due of a serious fall if he’s happy sitting around. Social Security Disability Insurance is there for those that need it to live with a sense of dignity; a minimal amount needed to survive on a monthly basis.

In order for you to not fall victim to a serious injury at work, you should be aware of the following common accidents that may cost you require personal injury lawyers.

Caught Limbs

Often, injuries in an industrialized setting occur when a part of the body (usually an arm or hand) gets trapped in a piece of machinery. These injuries have a higher probability of ending in disaster as limbs can be permanently damaged or lost.

Elevated Falls

Falls from an elevated surface are a common injury in the field of construction. If not fatal, falling from a story or more can result in permanent disability.


Ergonomics is the investigation of outlining gear and work environment designs to fit the laborer and avoid pointless wounds. It is proposed to enhance both well being and efficiency and is an essential prerequisite in the plan of physically worked gear and apparatus. Lacking ergonomic arranging can prompt to various business related musculoskeletal maladies, for example, dreary strain wounds and aggregate injury issue, and these can prompt to permanent in-capacities if not appropriately tended to. Distinguishing potential dangers and executing well-being and security systems identifying with ergonomic issues are in this manner critical strides for businesses to take.

Same-Level Falls

While simple trips and slips are a common occurrence with kids running around at recess, they tend to be far more severe in my line of work. Thankfully, these accidents are rarely fatal but can oftentimes cause concussions or fractures in the ankle or knee.

Flying Projectiles

Sometimes, items go flying and can cause serious damage. This usually happens when something heavy is not stored properly on an elevated surface and falls.

Traffic Accidents

Depending on the situation, car accidents can be very serious and often times deadly. Those who drive for a living and are injured while doing so can apply for disability.


Over-exertion of Lower Extremities

Pushing your legs to the limit on a daily basis can cause permanent damage after an extended period.

These seven categories of injuries account for 95% of successful disability claims and in my work as a social security disability lawyer I have seen them all. Be cautious of these common workplace accidents and protect yourself from serious injury. In the unfortunate incident that you do experience a debilitating accident on the job, be sure to seek medical attention right away as this can help ensure your disability claim, if you need to file one, gets approved.



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