Real Estate

To Use Or Not to Use a Real Estate Agent?

With the current state of the economy and the wild growth of the Internet, many homeowners are considering selling their homes themselves. Many think that selling a home is a simple process. However, real estate agents do earn their commission. A real estate agent in Wynnum will provide information and expertise on the market and […]


Parenting tips for separated dads

Divorce is a painful experience for any person but once you are decided on it, you should be practical about it. Not many people are willing to handle divorce cases on their own since it is too painful for them hence, they seek the help of a divorce attorney who can help them reach certain […]


From 1995 to 2000 – Best Jazz Musicians.

We love Jazz. The works of many notable Jazz Musicians such as Mr. Coltrane, saxophonist James Carter or Guitarist Kevin Eubanks we embark on the best Jazz Musicians who were prime from¬†1995 to 2000. 1995 ¬†– Trumpeter Roy Hargrove ousts Trumpeter Wynton Marsalis in the Down Beat critic polls. Film director Robert Altman’s film, Kansas […]